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From Foreign Service to
Financial Planning

I have been incredibly blessed to have two amazing careers prior to starting Logbook.  As an Air Force and airline pilot I had the opportunity to instruct U.S. and allied pilots in the supersonic T-38 Talon, command search and rescue and special operations missions while flying the MH-53J “Pave Low” helicopter in Europe and Bosnia, carry war supplies around the globe in the C-5 Galaxy, and operate the Boeing 727 & 737 as a commercial airline pilot for U.S. Airways

After September 11th, I was recalled to active duty to fly the C-5 and was furloughed from my airline pilot job.  One night flying over the Atlantic, I had an epiphany. Colin Powell was the Secretary of State and was recruiting military officers to join the State Department.  I had a master’s degree in International Relations and a love of public service, travel and learning from other cultures. Why not become a Foreign Service Officer and finish my military career in the Air Force Reserve?

As a Foreign Service Officer, I had the opportunity to represent America as a diplomat for 13 years in Colombia, Uruguay, China and Taiwan; Meet former U.S. presidents, congressional leaders and world dignitaries; lead large multi-cultural teams; learn foreign languages and connect with different cultures. But, something was always missing; I wanted to share my passion of financial planning to help others.

Chris meeting President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama speaking to government officials.

The experiences that my family and I had living overseas were priceless. We have hiked in the rain forest in Borneo, snorkeled in Thailand and climbed the Great Wall together. I’ve worked and became great friends with people of all races, ethnicities and nationalities.  But you have to be ready to go where your life is calling you. As our four children got older, Sherise and I decided they needed to have a place to really call “home” in the United States.  Our parents were getting older and wanted us closer. Luckily the planner in me had been preparing for a day like to this to come by completing the CFP® coursework at New York University online.

Cortese Family in China

Back to America and the
private sector

I had a new vision for my life – starting a financial life planning firm for my tribe – Foreign Service, military and federal government employees. Our perseverance and savings had paid off and we could launch Logbook on our terms, without compromises.  Turning my number one interest – personal finance and investing - into a business has been incredibly fun and challenging!

Rockport Maine

We have settled into small town America life and it feels right. The kids have a place to call home and Sherise and I are steps away from beautiful lakes, mountains and the ocean. We connect with and serve interesting people doing important work for our country every day. In other words, we help the people that we have always wanted to help, live where we want to live, while doing what we are passionate about! It doesn’t get any sweeter than that, but enough about me—let’s discuss your dreams.​

Chris Cortese Portrait

Chris Cortese - CFP

When he’s not financial planning, you can find him outdoors — kayaking, hiking, camping, snowboarding and snowshoeing. Chris loves to read, travel, seek adventure and inspire others to live their best life. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn - I’d love to chat!

Sherise Cortese Portrait

Sherise Cortese - Biz Dev

Sherise Cortese - Biz Dev

When she’s not working with Logbook, you can find her practicing as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and being a mom to our four amazing children. Sherise loves to be outside whenever possible - preferably in a kayak or wearing hiking boots or snowshoes. She is up for a spontaneous adventure at anytime, but in the meantime, can be found contently gardening, reading, cooking or writing….preferably with kids or husband in tow.