What We Believe

You need a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ that will steer you through some of the hardest financial decisions in your life.  As a fiduciary, Logbook Financial Planning, LLC is ethically bound to act only in your best interest. We put this in writing for every one of our customers to demonstrate our loyalty to you. 


If we would not buy the same mutual fund, ETF, stock or bond for ourselves, then we will NOT recommend it to you.  We ONLY work for you and accept no commissions.


All Americans, regardless of their asset level, need financial advice that they can believe in 100%.  A partnership with a financial planner will help you avoid a lifetime of financial mistakes.

Costs Matters

We will never buy a mutual fund with a sales charge.  We are devoted to mutual funds and ETFs with the lowest operating expenses.  Our fees are below industry average.


Investors are often their own worst enemy.  Those without a long-term perspective will greatly underperform the market.  Market-timing is impossible.  Frequent trading is counter-productive.  Stay the course that we map out together.

Asset Allocation

Consistent savings and investment into a well-diversified portfolio matched to your time horizon and risk tolerance will drive your success.  Index funds and low-cost active management funds are smart choices.

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